Tom J. Daniels

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George Michael Tribute

George Michael Tribute Band performed at the Club 80's in Corona, California.

  • Seen 163 times

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Holy Rosary Catholic Church Choir.

  • Seen 161 times

Lazy Brad Lewis

Lazy Brad Lewis along with his musician friends

  • Seen 154 times

Interviews by Joanne

Anaheim Churches Interviewed by Joanne Sosa.

  • Seen 143 times

Dave Schulz Funk Dolls

Performed at the Viper Room, Hollywood.

  • Seen 137 times

Prairie Breeze

Band members get together weekly.

  • Seen 137 times

Eric Turner Band

Eric Turner Band

  • Seen 133 times

Stage 4 Productions

Jazz, Rhythem and Blues, Pop, oldies and more.

  • Seen 128 times

Chandra Reese

Chandra Reese Music

  • Seen 127 times

Helena Holleran

The Original Music of Helena Holleran

  • Seen 120 times

The Port

The Port Restaurant

  • Seen 113 times

Selena Tribute

The Como La Flor Band

  • Seen 112 times

The Regular Guys

Little blues and country.

  • Seen 112 times

John Mila de la Roca

John Mila de la Roca - Christine Anne Ho

  • Seen 106 times

This Side Up

This Side Up Blues Band.

  • Seen 102 times

Bella Musicia

Annual birthday party jam from the Bella Musica Violin Store in Huntington Beach, California, enjoy the Bella Musica Jazz Band sponsored by Carl Freedman.

Darryl Walker - Vocals

Mando Cordova - vocals (later in the evening)

  • Seen 98 times

Jesse Lagmay

Take Five Band

  • Seen 90 times

Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond Music

  • Seen 65 times

Brad Lewis

Brad Lewis and the Lazy Bastards

  • Seen 41 times

Cameron Nino

Seventh Nova Hip Hop Band

  • Seen 26 times